Founder and current Principal Architect, Shawn Lawrence established the firm of S.J. Lawrence Architect Inc. in 1993 after seven years in the industry. Since its conception the company has experienced steady growth and with the help of an immensely talented architectural and technical support staff, has been involved in the design, production and construction of over 750 projects ranging in size from small renovations to multi-storey buildings for various private and government sector clients.  

Today, the award-winning company continues to build on the values for which it was created: providing complete architectural services with an emphasis on design integrity, quality service and client satisfaction. 


At S.J. Lawrence Architect Inc., our commitment to our clientele includes the provision of high-quality service, excellence in design and the successful implementation of buildings of enduring quality. We approach each project individually and work collaboratively to help bring our clients’ unique visions to life. Regardless of the size or scope of the project at hand, we commit to providing results that make both our clients and our firm proud.  


With a diverse portfolio and over 20 years of experience, we have increased our capabilities to include numerous architectural services catering to a variety of clients. In addition to utilizing traditional project production techniques, our firm has maintained itself at the leading edge of professional technology. By combining these techniques with a broad range of experience and an extensive set of knowledge, we are able to offer our clients the following services: 

  • Site Analysis  
  • Site plan control & coordination 
  • Programming  
  • Schematic design 
  • Design development 
  • Construction documents and administration 
  • Construction Management & field review 
  • By-law and Code Reviews 
  • Specifications and material research 
  • Engineering Coordination and Project management 
  • Approvals from Authorities having jurisdiction  
  • Construction budgeting 
  • Technical building audits 
  • Advanced 3D modeling 
  • Interior Design & Fit-up  


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